imma start watching uta no prince sama 

(((say thanks to this cutie for getting me into this anime)))

Prepare for feels



I know, I know! I haven’t been on here for MONTHS.

Basically, I’m moving my Jack(s) to xpsychxtic.

My personal account is at akkeyhito. So yeah, going to permanently let this blog die, I suppose.

It’s been a great one year and a half, I suppose? Even though around exactly a year ago, I was faltering due to the grounding…. and into a new ‘fandom’ I went…

But yes, not going to let my Jack(s) die.

Though xpsychxtic is inactive right now, it will SOON be active. Probably this weekend when I stop being a lazybutt.

For now, sayonara~


do you ever realize that you can never not do anything

if you don’t breathe then you’re holding your breath

if you’re not moving then it means you’re either sitting, lying down or standing stationarily (i know it’s not a word but)

if you happen to be able to shut off your senses you’re still doing something you’re shutting off your senses for god’s sake there is a verb there


Amaya removed the blanket revealing the top of the baby’s dark brown hair just like Amaya “It’s okay,” she reassured Jack. 

He gently pats the baby’s head. Aww, now there’s a lil cutie. Jack couldn’t help but smile. }

❝ How… old is he now?❞


"He’s fine. He’s sleeping. Do you want to meet him?," she asked him 

❝ I-I guess?❞

Reaches out for the baby boy slowly. He doesn’t want to startle him. }

[{ Lonely and dejected, a figure sits high up in the branches of the tree in the forest, scanning the area for passers-by. He is lonely and is in dire need of a companion.

There is only one problem, though.

He has forgotten everything he is. }]


She smiled at Jack, and then the baby started to squirm a little, whining softly “Shhh… I’m here. Mummy’s here,” she cooed lightly bouncing the baby, patting on his tiny back. 

❝ So how’s the little guy doing?❞

Jack approaches Amaya but does so cautiously. He’s still pretty much wary of the baby and such. }

i legit made a fricking rules page but



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